Residence permits now! Demonstration on 4th of November at 12

Residence permits now – 6 years is too long to wait!

“We came to Finland in 2015 to seek asylum. 6 years, we have hold our breath and waited. 6 years is an inhumanly long time, we are tired to wait. Some of us have children, who’ve been to Finnish schools for five years, some of us have children who’ve been born here. Some have not seen their families children after 2015 – also they wait for the residence permits. Some of us have jobs here, others don’t have the right to work because of asylum process bureaucracy. We all want a peaceful life in Finland. Give us residence permits now!”

The demonstration is organized in collaboration with Free Movement network a group of people who sought asylum who are tired to wait.

We invite everyone who agree with our demand to join: GIVE PERMITS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE WAITED FOR LONG!

WHERE: Kirkkokatu 12

WHEN: Torstai 4.11. klo 12