RIGHT TO REMAIN! – Demonstration

The Right to Remain demonstration requires that all asylum seekers who have come to Finland before 2017 receive unconditional residence permits.

TIME: Tuesday 10.12. At 3pm
LOCATION: Ministry of the Interior (Kirkkokatu 12)

Thousands of asylum seekers who have come to Finland have been waiting for more than four years for decisions whether they can stay in Finland and possibilities if they can bring their families here. Many have been thrown out of reception centers and have become paperless and live undocumented without any certainty.

Asylum law has been replaced by bureaucratic machinery that produces paper-lessness, endless waiting, exclusion and mental health problems.

Why is this humanitarian disaster born?

Because Finland has imposed many restrictions and inhumane changes on asylum policies after 2015 that the fundamental principles of asylum law have been jeopardized, as the European Court of Human Rights (EIT) ‘s ruling on Finland shows.

Because the previous government undermined the legal protection of asylum seekers so much that it was impossible to correct wrong decisions.

Because other residence permits, such as work based residence permit, are difficult to obtain due to bureaucratic requirements.
As a result, asylum seekers who have been rejected must be legalized. Immediately and unconditionally!

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