Free advice for foreigners on Mondays

Do you know how to get a work permit in Finland?
Did you receive a negative asylum decision and are afraid of deportation?
Are you unsure about how to apply for a student permit extension?
Do you want to know how family ties are defined in the Finnish Aliens law?
Do you find it difficult to fill out the Immigration Office’s forms?

The Free Movement Network gives advice to foreigners every Monday from 6 pm to 8 pm (18:00-20:00) at Päijänteentie 35, Vallila, Helsinki. The counselling hour may last longer if necessary. You can arrive directly to the counselling or you can call us beforehand in 040 241 0662 (working days from 8 to 12 am).

We can best advise you if you bring along the documents related to your case. If you cannot make it on a Monday, please call us to reserve an appointment.

Our aim is to give free, reliable and up-to-date information concerning the Finnish Aliens law and the practices of treating foreign citizens. We particularly advise foreign citizens on applying for residence permits in order to prevent becoming undocumented. If necessary, we can consult a lawyer or direct you to legal counselling.

Our counselling is given by migrant rights’ activists as voluntary work. We have no ties to the immigration administration or other authorities. Friends, relatives and supporters of foreign citizens are also welcome to ask about and discuss matters related to migration. We are not able to look for apartments or jobs, but we give advice on how to do this.

The main languages of communication are English and Finnish. If you inform us beforehand on interpretation needs, we try to arrange a reliable interpreter from our own group to the counselling appointment. We don’t use professional interpreters, but rather provide this service on a voluntary basis. You can also bring your own interpreter.

All discussions during the counselling hour are confidential. We do not share any information concerning discussions with outsiders unless it is specifically agreed.