Free movement?

Free movement is a network of migration activists functioning since 2006. Among us, there are students, healthcare professionals, researchers, construction workers, culture workers and artists, from Finnish and migrant backgrounds. We are politically and religiously independent, and our work happens through different working groups. The network is supported by the association Vapaa Liikkuvuus (Free Movement).

We support general freedom of movement, and the realization of fundamental rights regardless of people’s status and background. Read more from our manifesto Free Movement For All.

Through our work in Helsinki and Tampere, we support the struggle of migrants for their rights. We cooperate with various Finnish human rights organizations working on with refugees and migrants. We produce and share information on controls of movement, their consequences and and struggles against them in Finland and abroad. In Helsinki and Tampere, we give advice to migrants and their supporters on matters concerning residence permits and the realization of fundamental rights. We regularly organize an open cafe, Coffee Without Borders, where people interested in migrants’ rights and freedom of movement may meet. Along the years, we have also been involved with resistance against deportations, campaigns for residence rights of asylum seekers, and defending EU-migrants’ right to housing in Helsinki.