9 Gatherings Project


What is 9 Gatherings?

9 Gatherings is a government funded project that develops new ways to act for migrants’ rights. We want to enhance collaboration between the culture sector, migrants in precarious positions and NGOs working with migrants.

Why 9 Gatherings?

In Finland, more and more people are living without proper rights, in an uncertain position. Many undocumented migrants, asylum seekers and migrant Roma – migrating in search for a better life and safety – will find themselves in an intermediatestate without access to citizenship. The lack of a proper legal status results in the loss of basic rights and the possibility to participate in society.

What do we want to achieve?

Migrants in uncertain and precarious positions live and work in the same place, in the same city as other residents. Through art it is possible to overcome differences, bring publicity to the problems of the migrants in a difficult situation and affect the surrounding community.

We want to create a new culture to break these forms of isolation and borders, so that the citizens and migrants with different backgrounds can organize together. Where, in which space, could citizens and foreigners, nationals and aliens meet each other? How to make visible the experiences that are forced to invisibility? How to change migration politics through art and activism?

How do we act?

During the autumn 2014 the project will organize gatherings targeted to citizens, different migrant groups, NGO’s working with migrants, artists and artist’s associations. Program of these events consists of discussions, sharing of information, workshops and planning of possible ways to work together. The art projects can be for example art, theatre or writing workshops but also longer term processes. It is essential to us that all participants are able to take part of the planning and organizing of common actions on equal terms. The outcomes of the project will be presented in the final seminar and in a publication produced during the project. We also want to plan future collaborations with interested parties.

Who are we?

9 Gatherings is an initiative of the Free Movement Network, Oikeudet ilman rajoja – registered association and the Artists’ and Writers’ Association Kiila. The main funding of the project is received from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

How can I join?

Sen email to us: vapaaliikkuvuus(at)gmail.com

Follow us on the web:



http://kiila.eu/ (only in Finnish).