Welcome to the Refugee Rights Campaign meeting


Wednesday 18th of September 5.30 pm at Kupoli (New Student House, Mannerheimintie 5 B, 7th floor. The space is unfortunately not accessible with wheelchair).

The Refugee rights campaign is a joint campaign by asylum seekers, migrants and other, local activists for more just immigration politics. Together we want to bring into public discussion problems of the immigration system and present solutions to them.

The campaign is a result of Refugee Rights gatherings assembled by the Free Movement and No
Deportations –networks. Many migrants who have come to Finland from different parts of the world attended the Refugee rights gatherings. The demands and modes of action of the campaign have been and will be formulated in these gatherings.

NOW the main thing is just to invite you (as individuals or members of organizations, migrants, asylum seekers or local activists etc.) to this big meeting where we will define the campaign’s demands and form for autumn 2013.

B-permits will be one of the top themes of the Refugee Rights campaign this autumn. There are people living in Finland with very limited rights as they have fled conflicts in their homeland and have not been granted any residence permit here. They cannot be deported to their homeland. They
have been granted a temporary permit (so called “B permit”), which does not guarantee basic rights but instead only postpones deportation with a year.

However, this autumn, the Ministry of Interior would like to discontinue this particular option too and leave them without any permits or rights. This has to be told to the media and the people of Finland!

SO, without further ado, we WARMLY WELCOME  YOU TO THE REFUGEE RIGHTS CAMPAIGN MEETING 18.9 at Kupoli (Mannerheimintie 5 A)

For more information about the campaign and its themes see our blog at refugeerights.blogspot.com.