Counselling open in Helsinki

Counselling of Free Movement is available through pre-booking every Wednesday evening at Lymy (Pengerkatu 6). You can reserve a slot through email (vapaaliikkuvuus(at)gmail.com) or Facebook.

The Free Movement offers counselling to migrants and their supporters. In counselling, we discuss, for example, the asylum process and the threat of deportation as well as the process of applying for a residence permit based on work, studies or family ties. Counselling is offered by activists who are familiar with the migration administrative process.

If you want to discuss your situation in detail, you should bring along all the documents related to your case. Discussions during counselling are confidential – no information is shared with third parties. Counselling sessions take place mainly in English and Finnish. For counselling in your own or other languages, please bring an interpreter with you or tell us beforehand that you need one.