Manifesto Free Movement For All

Free Movement is a politically and religiously independent network of diverse people who work towards the equality of all people. We oppose deportations, detention, and criminalization of migrants. We believe that there should be no division and unequal distribution of rights between all migrants and citizens in Finland and Europe. We demand universal freedom of movement and realisation of human and fundamental rights of all. We are committed to working against all forms of racism and discrimination.

We believe in solidarity, be it sharing of information, facilitating legal assistance, providing material support, or protesting together with the communities whose rights are not realised in Finland or in the wider European Union. Ours is a struggle against borders and we exclude no-one requesting this type of assistance. By joining the people and their communities in their concrete struggles for freedom of movement, we strive to be an example for solidarity and equality.

We come from different backgrounds and migratory histories and believe that people affected by border policies should have an active voice in the formulation of those said policies. The network strives for non-hierarchical practices and decision-making processes and rely on, as well as actively seeks, alliances with other groups, organisations, and individuals who work towards the same goals and engage in related struggles.