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Thank you for supporting our work and donating to our activities.

Donations and membership fees form the bulk of our income and we couldn’t support immigrants and their struggles without them. This is why we wish that you want to continue as a donor of Free Movement network or a support member of Oikeudet Ilman Rajoja organisation!

During year 2018 network has continued to give open and free counselling for foreigners in Helsinki and Tampere, and additionally there has been nationwide counselling through telephone and email. The need for counselling has been big and cases have been for the most complicated and required long monitoring. In addition to counselling also this year migrants in tight situation have been helped economically through e.g. paying application fees, travel expenses and costs of living. Adjacent diagram shows funding given last year.

Another important form of action is creating common space and mutual networks for migrants and other actors. During year 2018 in Helsinki the weekly ”Coffee without Borders”-cafeteria has been continued and its activity will be developed during the coming winter. In Tampere Coffee without Borders was paused in autumn 2017 but instead there was Music without borders -happening this year’s May and another one has been planned for autumn.

During year 2018 also campaigning has been part of the activities, especially in order to stop deportations. In Tampere network has actively participated to Free Behdad-campaign by arranging demonstrations and supporting in applying ”Behdad”’s deportation’s execution reversal – which was successful. In Helsinki network has acted against deportations to Afghanistan through e.g. arranging ”Unspoken Afghanistan” discussion event. Speakers were e.g. Abdul Ghafoor from AMASO organization that supports deported immigrants who have been sent to Kabul.

Important for communication and influence is network’s own Signal – writings on freedom of movement. Third issue was released in September and you can get it from Coffee without Borders event (Wednesdays 18-20 at Pengerkatu 6). We can post it to members upon request! New issue is currently on its way to the web page, and the planning of Signal n:o 4 has already been started.

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Demonstration against deportation marching on Hämeenkatu, Tampere