Statement Afghan asylum seekers’ appeal to Finland and the Finnish people: Give us protection!

Afghan asylum seekers’ appeal to Finland and the Finnish people: Give us protection!

In the name of God, who made women and men equal:

During the last two years, European countries are facing challenges due to the immigration crisis that spread from Turkey to Northern Europe. The last two years have been especially painful for Iraqis and Syrians. The situation is no different for Afghan citizens either. Civilian and military casualties are at their highest in two years. During the last two years over 250,000 Afghan citizens were forced to emigrate and seek refuge in other countries. Many of us have witnessed the death of our loved during our journeys out of the country. Some of us have made it but others are forced to return to Afghanistan. Those of us, who were granted permission to stay in Finland, have started to build new lives in a new country.

We have packed our lives and buried our memories when leaving for a journey to look for a safe place. We have spent all our money on those routes that took us to a safe country where the government and its people believe and support human ideals and dignity. We were forced to leave Afghanistan because of the political situation and because of our leaders in order not to become victims and suffer the loss of our loved ones due to the frequent explosions and suicide attacks.

For anyone who knows foreign politics it is quite obvious that Afghanistan is not a safe country.  Many European countries instruct their citizens to not to travel to Afghanistan. It’s no secret that Afghanistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. However, it is surprising that European countries support and offer financial aid to the government of Afghanistan while at the same time deny accepting refugees from that country.

How can we call Afghanistan a safe country when that is a place where people don’t know if they’ll ever return home when they leave in order to support their families. Just couple of days ago a series of four explosions killed several tens of people in Kabul. Is Afghanistan still safe? ISIS and the Taliban control over 20 of the provinces of Afghanistan and every day they kill innocent people in brutal ways. How can we call Afghanistan a safe country for its people if innocent victims lose their lives on an almost daily basis due to explosions and suicide attacks?

The government of Afghanistan blocked the path of peaceful demonstrators with containers that stand like walls and they don’t listen to our requests. We won’t forget this day and the fact that there are countries where our voices are heard and where people listen to our legitimate requests.


As Afghan immigrants we kindly request the government of Finland and the Finnish Immigration Service to reassess the cases of Afghan immigrants. We have valid reasons to fear for our persecuted in our home country.



Afghan immigrants of Keuruu City